Basic Setups for 6/7 string guitars and 4/5 string basses

The Basic Setup Includes:

Adjust Truss Rod To Get The Neck As Straight As Needed

Adjust The Nut Height (If Needed) To Get Cowboy Chords In Tune

Adjust Saddle Height To Get Strings As Close As Possible Without Excessive Buzz

    Set Intonation To Get Notes In Tune All The Way Up The Neck

Tighten All Hardware (Screws, Nuts, Tuners, etc) That Comes Loose Over Time

Check And Clean Any Dirty/Scratchy Pots Or Switch

    Light Cleaning Of The Entire Guitar

Lube The  Nut Slots (Except Graphite & TUSQ Nuts) For Better Tuning Stability

    Restring, Tune, & Stretch The Strings For Tuning Stability

Deluxe Setup Includes Basic Setup Plus:

    Deep Clean & Oil Fingerboard To Remove Grime And Hydrate Dry Wood

    Polish Frets To Mirror Finish For Smoother Playing And Bends

    Clay Bar Body To Remove Contaminants And Smooth The Finish

    Polish Guitar To Bring Out It's Best Look